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fyndoo is the online matchmaker for SME finance. For you as entrepeneur, advisor, investor or lender.

Secured our promises

You can offer, maintain, manage and monitor your products predictably and guaranteed through our network of consultants and our Fyndoo solution. Your access to the SME credit market.

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Fyndoo enables qualitative growth by building a bridge and making combined financing manageable for you as a financier, bank, consultant, accountant or entrepreneur.


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Our mission

Dare to dream and then live up to. Identify opportunities, explore and create. For all entrepreneurs with courage, Fyndoo helps for growth. By working together. Otherwise dare to think and do. This is the moment. So it turns to you, the moment of qualitative growth.

Our goals

Fyndoo is a solution which enables funders to provide efficient, transparent and predictable SME (alternative) financing. Fyndoo supports the full orientation, on-boarding, origination-, review, servicing, monitoring and management process for multiple funding categories. Fyndoo provides an efficient and large distribution network where your consultant or accountant can easily make an funding-scenario from multiple (alternative) products and funders.


New operations in Florida and South America came within reach.

- Jurgen Bosch, Prodes Miami Lcc

February 17, Fyndoo introduction during Credion Networking Event.

- Wouter Pollmann, Fyndoo.com

Our European customers got faster appropriate funding for used wind turbines.

- Reinold Disse, DutchWind BV