About us

Fyndoo.com is a part of Topicus – Fintech Software.

Co-operation is at the heart of our mission. We evaluate the possibilities together with you and take action upon this. There are always alternative and better ways to leave a footprint. The right solutions takes you further, both now as well as for the future. Clear and straightforward. Daring to think and act out-of-the-box. That is what we do at Topicus!

Together to the top

Working together with our clients, but also with each other. At Topicus, independent scrum teams work on the continuous development of our products. Ranging from standard packages, SaaS products and client-specific solutions up to tailored solutions according our clients’ requirements. Our scrum teams are able to respond to changes without losing focus of long-term objectives. They are flexible and capable to react to changes rapidly. We inspire each other to realize breakthrough solutions. Our young talent is the key to your success! Co-operation is the key to our high client satisfaction and loyal client base – of which we are very proud!


In 2001, the Topicus Group was founded with the intention to explore new horizons. This has led to better, more flexible, innovative and future-proof software solutions. Over a short period of time Topicus grew to over 600 employees, spread over 4 divisions with offices in the city centers of Deventer, Enschede, Zwolle, Leiden and Amsterdam. Topicus Finance, with 250 employees, constitutes a major part of the company. Our employees are people to be proud of.

Jasper de Jong

Financing is easier and faster using fyndoo, for both entrepreneurs and lenders.

- Jasper de Jong,
Joris Nijboer

Time to market for business loans is greatly reduced.

- Joris Nijboer,
Jan Willem Jacobs

It’s easy to find a suitable financing solution for your plans.

- Jan Willem Jacobs,