Fyndoo Advise

Fyndoo provides accountants and debt advisors with a convenient insight into the financial health of a company, both at this very moment as well as in the future. Different financial scenarios can be generated in a simple way. Analyze expansion plans, test alternative scenarios and identify financing needs. Is it possible to finance the plans with existing means or is additional financing needed? In this way clarity for the client can be provided with.


Prepare an analysis of the financial health and extent of financing of the company. Analyze annual accounts, profit and loss accounts or cashflow and provide insight by using more than 180 key figures and ratios.


Review the financial impact of the clients’ plans and determine the investments needed. Review the effect of changes in management or debtor management and compare different scenarios.

Apply for financing

When additional financing is needed, Fyndoo helps you with finding the suitable solution. Prepare a structured financing application easily, review financability and which financers are the best match. The financing application can be sent in by pushing the button. Help the entrepreneur realizing his plans.

Supply to the bank

In case the client already has an existing financing, his annual accounts or income tax statements can be easily delivered for review and monitoring purposes by Fyndoo to the lender using XBRL. Fyndoo connects with over 150 accounting software solutions which makes it possible to import the data easily.

I am interested in working with Fyndoo

Jasper de Jong

Financing is easier and faster using fyndoo, for both entrepreneurs and lenders.

- Jasper de Jong,
Joris Nijboer

Time to market for business loans is greatly reduced.

- Joris Nijboer,
Jan Willem Jacobs

It’s easy to find a suitable financing solution for your plans.

- Jan Willem Jacobs,