Fyndoo Lending

As is the case with technology-driven disruptions with streaming services, travel organizations and the transport sector, Fyndoo is the platform for business lending: we are the platform that makes financing simple and accessible for small and larger organizations.

For lenders we offer a modular cloud based lending solution for receiving, assessing and fulfillment of financing applications, but next to that also loan-management tools for the complete lifecycle of the financing. This makes Fyndoo “Business lending as a service”.


Offer your financing product on the Fyndoo platform and receive structured financing applications direct from a wide network of advisors. Fyndoo takes care of quality management, pre-acceptance and matching demand with products, enabling you to only receive qualitative applications in which you actually would like to invest. The analysis can be automated partially or fully (STP), according to your acceptance criteria, risk appetite and policy rules. Annual accounts, income tax statements, bank transactions and additional documents are enclosed with the application by the advisor so you have complete and structured applications. The rating can be determined automatically and if the application meets all requirements the contract can be supplied to the client directly for digital signature, all of this without using paper documents!


Fyndoo facts shortly summarized:

  • Wide distribution network of advisors whitin fyndoo
  • Fyndoo lending is suited for loans, working capital, lease and (commercial) property
  • Configurable, businessrule driven workflow with high STP-degree for swift “Time to yes” and “Time to cash”
  • KYC and CDD
  • Automated verification by external registers
  • Integration with SBR and connection with more than 150 accounting software solutions enabling accountants to supply annual accounts digitally
  • Spreading, with automated calculation of more than 180 key figures and ratios
  • Determining credit worthiness of the applicant on basis of the URA-rating model, internal risk models or external rating agencies via a webservice interface
  • Configurable risk-based pricing module
  • Digital signing and automatic contracting
  • Register collateral data and notary correspondence
  • Fulfilment


Portal technology

Besides applying for and receiving applications via advisors it is possible to have a direct channel on your own website using Fyndoo portal technology. This enables you to have your own clients send in a financing application on your own website, using your own style and look.

  • Streamlined workflow en customer journey
  • Automatically retrieving Chamber of Commerce data
  • Product selection
  • Optional product assessment en qualitative analysis
  • Status information concerning the application

Loan management

Fyndoo also offers tools for management of existing financing, signaling arrears, debtor management and monitoring convenants.

  • Automated pay out and SEPA collection
  • Debtor management and monitoring arrears
  • Periodical review
  • Registering collaterals and valuations
  • Processing changes


You prefer to outsource your review and management processes? Fundion provides full service

With this in mind we offer Business Process Outsourcing for business lending on the Fyndoo platform. In case you as a portfolio manager have the responsibility for a portfolio, but have a need for (additional) capacity or know-how, Fundion can help with acceptance, servicing and management of your financing product, partially or fully.

  • Distribution via a trusted advisors
  • CDD
  • Pre-acceptance
  • Origination
  • Client contact
  • Contracting and fulfilment
  • Loan management
  • Review en restructuring
  • Financial accounting
  • Reporting

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Jasper de Jong

Financing is easier and faster using fyndoo, for both entrepreneurs and lenders.

- Jasper de Jong,
Joris Nijboer

Time to market for business loans is greatly reduced.

- Joris Nijboer,
Jan Willem Jacobs

It’s easy to find a suitable financing solution for your plans.

- Jan Willem Jacobs,