Our Cause

Entrepreneurs want to be entrepreneurs, to solve problems creatively and increase growth. Growth is the freedom to think and act, and it results from investing in your business. However, finance your dreams and ambitions requires money? Fyndoo connects investors and entrepreneurs in a unique way. The objective is a win-win situation for both parties. With the key words being risk diversification, trust and growth, Fyndoo enables qualitative growth by independently bringing supply and demand together.

What drives us every day;

  • Enhance alternative/combined finance to the next life cycle stage
  • Create a combination between alternative and traditional forms of finance
  • Integration of all partners and required systems
  • Independently bring supply and demand together for the ‘ best match’
  • Support management and monitoring processes in accordance with the latest ‘bank standards’
  • Together to the next level

The nine C’s

Fyndoo enables growth by continuously improving and clarifying nine themes, and matching them to your requirements as an investor, consultant or entrepreneur. We distinguish ourselves with the following themes; Control, Co-creation, Compliance, Consistency, Connections and Context, Credibility, Clarity, Competence and Communications.

Jasper de Jong

Financing is easier and faster using fyndoo, for both entrepreneurs and lenders.

- Jasper de Jong,
Joris Nijboer

Time to market for business loans is greatly reduced.

- Joris Nijboer,
Jan Willem Jacobs

It’s easy to find a suitable financing solution for your plans.

- Jan Willem Jacobs,