How it works

Platform solution

Fyndoo is an independent platform through which the entrepreneur can quickly and easily gain access to capital/funding via a cross-channel service concept that provides a standardized way in which several (alternative) funders can offer, provide and manage their products. Fyndoo provides functionality for origination, review, monitoring and managing of business lending with a focus on an efficient processes offering high STP rates and predictable outcomes.

The power of the Common Workspace

Thinking and working together; in other words: the power of collaboration. Many different people looking at the same data is the most efficient way to create creative, and sophisticated solutions. Fast, efficient and reliable!

Fyndoo in separate modules and solutions:

  • Our network
  • Product selection
  • Origination
  • Review
  • Servicing (loan, debt, and product management)
  • Monitoring

Our network

Growing together qualitatively is our goal. Bringing supply and demand together by providing optimal processes, providing clarity about the options during application and management to achieve a better and providing you with suitable offers. In order to achieve these goals we have a network of specialised consultants, accountants and franchise organizations. Fyndoo is equipped to interact with various consultancy packages (for example, Finan and Unit4 Prognose), and we simply import your accounts.

Alternative funders can manage and distribute their products efficiently through a single platform. Our solutions are used in both the Netherlands and internationally.

Jasper de Jong

Financing is easier and faster using fyndoo, for both entrepreneurs and lenders.

- Jasper de Jong,
Joris Nijboer

Time to market for business loans is greatly reduced.

- Joris Nijboer,
Jan Willem Jacobs

It’s easy to find a suitable financing solution for your plans.

- Jan Willem Jacobs,