How it works

Platform solution

Fyndoo is an independent platform through which the entrepreneur can quickly and easily gain access to capital/funding via a cross-channel service concept that provides a standardized way in which several (alternative) funders can offer, provide and manage their products. Fyndoo provides functionality for the origination, review, monitoring and managing of financing with a focus on an efficient process with a high STP rate and a predictable outcome.

The power of the Common Workspace

Thinking and working together. That’s the power of collaboration. Many different people looking at the same data. It’s the most efficient way to arrive at creative, sophisticated solutions. Fast, efficient and reliable!

Fyndoo in separate modules and solutions:


New operations in Florida and South America came within reach.

- Jurgen Bosch, Prodes Miami Lcc

February 17, Fyndoo introduction during Credion Networking Event.

- Wouter Pollmann,

Our European customers got faster appropriate funding for used wind turbines.

- Reinold Disse, DutchWind BV