Our network

Growing together qualitatively. That’s our goal. Bringing supply and demand together by providing an optimal process, providing clarity about the options during application and management to achieve a better and more appropriate offer. We do this through a network of specialised consultants, accountants and franchise organisations. To support this process, we include links to various consultancy packages (for example, Finan and Unit4 Prognose), and we simply import your accounts.

Alternative funders can manage and distribute their products efficiently through a single platform. In the Netherlands and beyond.



New operations in Florida and South America came within reach.

- Jurgen Bosch, Prodes Miami Lcc

February 17, Fyndoo introduction during Credion Networking Event.

- Wouter Pollmann, Fyndoo.com

Our European customers got faster appropriate funding for used wind turbines.

- Reinold Disse, DutchWind BV