You remain in control at all times. How do you make sure everyone remains faithful to the agreements, how does the entrepreneur or your portfolio perform? Fyndoo provides a comprehensive monitoring solution at the product, entrepreneur and portfolio level.

Fyndoo monitoring:

  • Identifies arrears.
  • Gives continuous insight into the performance of the debtor.
  • Updates numbers on a monthly basis via SBR or using direct links with the debtor’s accounting records. These interim figures can be compared to different benchmarks and agreed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Automatically generates triggers when agreed bandwidths have been exceeded.
  • Immediately places the company on the watch-list or automatically starts a review process.
  • Places a task in the employee’s toolbar.

Part of Fyndoo monitoring is pro-active monitoring. This will enable a forecast scenario to be generated based on the financials of the company. This means you receive early insight into any possible liquidity shortage or, for example, an impending decline in solvency.

Fyndoo monitors the performance of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) using the following three references:

  • Performance compared to the standard
  • Performance compared to a peer group
  • Performance compared to covenants

With flexible calculation rules, the cohesion between the various key performance indicators and benchmarks can also be made transparent, taking into account the time dimension. This offers the freedom to compensate for a decrease in one specific KPI with another, and this also makes it possible to adjust triggers.


New operations in Florida and South America came within reach.

- Jurgen Bosch, Prodes Miami Lcc

February 17, Fyndoo introduction during Credion Networking Event.

- Wouter Pollmann,

Our European customers got faster appropriate funding for used wind turbines.

- Reinold Disse, DutchWind BV