When it comes to a review of your customer or the terms and conditions of the financing, Fyndoo is thorough, comprehensive and easy to use. The whole review process is regulated as much as possible by STP (Straight Through Processing) so that manual actions only need to be carried out if required. An action performed as a result of a review or a modification can, if necessary, be approved using the 4-eyes principle.

Review takes place on 2 levels:

  1. Review on customer level
  2. Review on agreement level

Review on customer level

  • Analyse the annual results and check the financial implications
  • Update and analyse annual results in connection with the current rating
  • Credit
  • Carry out customer due diligence again

Review on agreement level

  • Record the documents (such as property listings) that are to be received
  • Implement amendments to the contract if there are:
    • Changes to the interest
    • Changes to the limit
    • Changes to the collateral
    • Changes to the credit complex
    • Changes to the KPIs
    • Changes to the covenant
  • Compare the current status of the contract in comparison with previous statuses

New operations in Florida and South America came within reach.

- Jurgen Bosch, Prodes Miami Lcc

February 17, Fyndoo introduction during Credion Networking Event.

- Wouter Pollmann,

Our European customers got faster appropriate funding for used wind turbines.

- Reinold Disse, DutchWind BV